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Vince Van Gopher and Coco's MisAdventures at The Ridge

After traveling on a cargo ship from France to see what they thought was Vince Van Gophers art display at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (Vince had misread a poster stapled to a pole on the narrow street they lived on in Eze, France), Coco suggested perhaps a plan B. She had seen that there was a contest for an "Emily in Paris" best dressed at Rustic Ridge Vineyards and convinced Vince this was where they could establish their new home. Coco was of course a fashionista, and Vince adored her, so was game to please her after their long journey. They had to get there by February 6th for the contest, so they jumped on a flatbed truck. They could listen to music in the field while they installed their new home if they arrived a day early.

The unknowing owners, Rusty and Kerri were about to encounter their a very new problem in the vineyard..... stay tuned for more!

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