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About Us

From Passion Project to Family Gathering Place

Rustic Ridge Vineyards began as a labor of love – Kerri's southern charm and Rusty's creativity joining forces to plant grapevines and cultivate a haven. Over the years, those vines grew alongside flourishing gardens and inviting spaces, culminating in the winery's grand opening in 2020.

Today, Rustic Ridge isn't just a winery; it's an extension of our family, welcoming yours to experience the magic of wine country minutes from San Diego. We invite you to savor not only our award-winning wines but also the breathtaking views – vineyards cascading down the ridge, Pacific Ocean shimmering in the distance, and mountain ranges painting the horizon.


More Than Just Wine

At Rustic Ridge, we believe in the power of community. Our guests become part of the extended family, some even lending a hand during harvest or joining us as guest servers. It's this spirit of shared experience that makes Rustic Ridge truly special.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Step into our warm and inviting tasting room, adorned with cascading gardens and soothing fountains. Immerse yourself in the vineyard experience with a curated tasting of our finest wines, or choose your favorites by the glass or bottle. To complement your wine journey, we offer a delectable selection of snacks, from warm pretzels and decadent cookies to gourmet charcuterie and pizzas.

Whether you prefer the cozy comfort of our indoor seating or the embrace of the California sunshine on our patio, Rustic Ridge offers the perfect ambiance for relaxation and connection. And for those seeking a more intimate gathering, we have private seating areas in the courtyard or on the deck, ideal for small parties.

Come raise a glass with us at Rustic Ridge Vineyards. We can't wait to share our passion for wine, community, and unforgettable experiences.

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