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Rustic Ridge owners Rusty and Kerri


Rusty purchased the current residence and property in 2002. He planted a small orchard and table grapes while he enjoyed raising his two boys. He invested his time with his boys as a coach for basketball  and volleyball . A SDSU graduate, he enjoys his Aztecs. Later in life, he met Kerri and they began a lifelong journey together. Their vision began as a fun project as they planted  wine grapes and pomegranates.  Over the years they cultivated gardens and beautiful spaces to offer their special place opening the winery in  2020. Every aspect is an adventure as they realize that a winery is the heart and soul of their lives; enjoying the people they now call friends and the many special moments and experiences  that are  found today at Rustic Ridge Vineyards. 

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Kerri's southern Texas hospitality and Rusty's ingenuity have made Rustic Ridge a very special place. Gardens, fountains, and the warm and inviting tasting room welcome wine enthusiasts with authentic hospitality. Our customers and members enjoy being guest servers and help with planting grapes and the harvest; creating a unique and supportive community. Also ready to welcome our guests are the beloved vineyard rescue dogs,  ChaCha and Coco. 


When the chores in the field feel endless, Rusty and Kerri always find time to watch the beautiful sunsets over the sky's incredible canvas of mountains, oceans, distant farms and acreages, which can all be seen from the grounds, tagged "Vines with a View". This ritual reminds them every day of their purpose to enjoy every moment and providing their guests with a place to settle back and enjoy the serenity of this setting.


By supporting Rustic Ridge Vineyards you are supporting not only a great local business, but also a woman owned business. As CEO of Rustic Ridge, Kerri Kohles Morrison encourages female entrepreneurship and success.


As you enter the winery, KATE will be greeting you with a smile, quick wit and friendly conversation. A graduate in Communications from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, she is your host and will serve up a selection of wines by the glass, a tasting, or your choice of wines by the bottle. She is happy to prepare you a pizza or charcuterie to enjoy with your wine. Kate is a true team member at The Ridge, delighting our customers and providing great customer service. Kate is also our behind the scene talent as she creatively produces our social media posts and News Letters.

Employee of Rustic Ridge Vineyards
Rustic Ridge Vineyards wines


In the winery, we offer wine tastings of 6 special wines of the weekend, by the glass or by the bottle.  Also available is  a yummy selection of snacks, warm pretzels and chocolate chip cookies,  charcuterie, and delicious pizza. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available, making any time of year a perfect time to come in.  Enjoy wine, sangria, or specialty wine drinks. Also a selection of non alcoholic sangria and drinks.  Want a more intimate setting? We offer a private seating area in the courtyard or deck for parties up to 50 people. Available Fridays for private parties and company retreats. Come for the afternoon and witness the most spectacular views and enjoy the country air. Make sure to check out the events tab for upcoming activities and specials.

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