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Rustic Ridge turns 2 years old this Halloween, October 30, 2022

Turning back the clock we realize that life is glorious. New friends, wine club members and

family have helped us get to this point!

We count our blessings and pause to say, “Thank you.” We reflect on those first people to join

our membership, recent members, and the guests that return with friends. Each has made

Rustic Ridge Vineyards their backyard to enjoy a sip, have conversation and relish the serenity

and beautiful views of this unique location. They have become part of our growing family.

Rusty and I have also grown; improving service to our guests, the viticulture process, the art of

winemaking and learning daily what we can do to better our community. We offer our

friendship and will always provide a special place to gather. We extend to you our joy in this

process called life.

A big thank you to our volunteers in the field that help with new grape plantings, grooming the

vines to produce and harvesting. Thank you also to our cheerful guest hosts that greet y’all with

their warm smiles and enthusiasm. Cheers also to seven plus years with Rusty, a perfect

partner, winemaker, and viticulturist. With him, our endless work is an amazing pleasure. I am

an incredibly lucky lady.

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