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Vince Van Gopher and Coco's Mis-Adventures at The Ridge #2

Coco was so very excited to finally arrive at “The Ridge”. “Oh my Vincent, it reminds me of France; look at the ocean and the mountains!” She was excited to participate in the “Emily in Paris” event, but was disappointed that her small stature left her unnoticed. Vincent went on and on about how she should have been the prize, which pleased her to no end. Now it was time to start building there home in the field. How exciting! The vines had tasty roots for a delectable dinner. She was most excited to see they had Montepulciano vines. A gentle rain began and they burrowed in for the night. The morning came with big noises. They could hear the pounding of stakes in the field. A quick peak revealed a tall man with a red round object. They watched with interest as the man shouted words that were new to their ears.

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