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15262 Lyons Valley Drive 

Jamul, CA 91935



In 2002, Rusty discovered the Jamul Valley. He found the  granitic soils, warm days and cool nights to be ideal for grape growing. Rusty added an orchard of pomegranates, tangerines, lemons, plums, oranges and apples.

Enjoying wine and the fun-ness that comes with it, Rusty was taken by Kerri's love of the vine and together they embarked on planting wine grapes. Life as they had known it changed forever.  When the chores in the field feel endless, they always find time to watching the beautiful sunsets over the sky's incredible canvas of mountains, oceans, distant farms and acreages keeping them inspired.  They enjoy the labor of love cultivating a business and a lifetime friendship.  Kerri's southern Texas hospitality and Rusty's ingenuity have created Rustic Ridge - a very special place. Gardens, fountains, and a new tasting room welcome wine enthusiasts with an authentic hospitality.             

 Vineyard dogs ChaCha and Coco are rescue huskies that are ready to welcome you to their home. 

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