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Frenchy, the Bulldog, MisAdventures at The Ridge

Freddie, the Fly on the Wall, use to hang out at Drew’s Farm next to the Vineyard. It was quite lovely with Harriet

the Hog, Piggy Sue and Patty Lu. No better place to hang out then with the delightful aroma and company of his friends in the pen.

Frenchy, the bulldog was busy digging a hole under the fence to make their getaway for an adventure. Frenchy led the pack. Harriett helped her Piglets get through the fence and rolled over with a huff. “Kids” she muttered to herself!! Once free they followed Frenchy up the hill. Working in the field, Rusty and Kerri were startled. With much confusion, everyone scattered. Rusty shouted, “Those are Drew’s animals, get them!” The chase was on. Frenchy was supposed to be a mean dog but ran up to Rusty for snuggles. While Frenchy distracted Rusty, he barked to his friends to run. Freddie watched with delight as the piglets were corralled in the old chicken pen. Later that evening, Drew pulled up to collect his team. With lot’s of laughter, snorting pigs and a barking dog, another day had ended at Rustic Ridge Vineyards.

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